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Animal Energy Healing

The intention of a healing session is to:

To assist in restoring harmony, balance and flow within the energetic system

Help alleviate/reduce any pain and discomfort from any short/long term illness and condition the animal may be suffering from.

Alleviate pain and stiffness (which is very common in older pets)

Help a animal to overcome negative emotions such as aggression, fear and anxiety and any other behavioral issues they may suffer from.

Make it easier for animals who have suffered neglect or abuse to recover from their trauma

Address any compulsive disorders a animal may be prone to such as paw chewing or compulsive scratching.

Help show or competitive animals such as dogs and horses, improve their physical and mental performance.

Improve the animals immune system, for better resistance to disease and illness.

Help any animal become happier thus more emotionally and physically stable.

Relax a animal to easily settle into a new home or surroundings.

Speed up recovery time from surgery or wounds.

What Kinds Of Conditions Can Be Treated With Energy Healing Therapy?


Your animals body is the ultimate superhighway of energy currents called Meridians. From ancient Chinese, Aztec, and Native American cultures right up to the latest cutting edge university physics programs, scholars throughout history have understood the invisible flow which courses through the body and has a profound impact upon its systems.


Your animals mind is literally a processor of energy. Tiny electrical impulses transmit information across neurons and form the basis for thoughts.


Your animals emotions are not random, nor merely reactive to their environment. They are also guided by the flow of energy through their body, specifically the energy centers known as Chakras. Clearing these pathways will lead to happy, productive days and a warm, open heart.


Animals have a soul just like us humans and so they too can harness the power of energy medicine to feel stronger, clearer, and more joyful

Principles that guide me

Remaining trustworthy.

Being a facilitator of the healing that my clients do for themselves.

Respecting the immeasurable value of kindness.

Training clients to heal their animals is as important as facilitating their healing.

Only people who are truly ready to help their animal can be helped.

The world is a mysterious place, we don’t need to know the answers all the time, we get the answers when we need them.

Who Animal Energy Healing is valuable for:

Anyone who has an animal Friend


Animal shelters

Animal rescue workers

Boarding Houses

Horse trainers


Stable owners



Game Farms

My role as a healer is not to heal your animal, but rather to support them through their own healing journey.

Animal Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Energy healing is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life. Behind the scenes of our beautiful world, an unfathomably complex network of energy fuels and connects everyone and everything. By learning to understand and apply this energy as medicine, we can powerfully steer the lives of animals in better and better directions, healing what ails them and encouraging theirr vast personal potential for health, happiness, and meaning.

What I can help your animal with:

Facilitating flow and the transmutation of energy

A healthy flow of energy within the bio-energetic system is vital for health on all levels. My role is to facilitate the flow if this energy and to assist your animal to transmute the quality of this energy into a frequency that supports their health and well-being.

Chakra balancing

Our animals Chakras can also become distorted, blocked and imbalanced following physical, emotional or psychological trauma. By applying energy with intention, I am able to assist them to restore the optimum function of their Chakras.

Clearing and repairing the Auric field

The physical body is the densest part of our bio-energetic system and therefore it is visible to the ‘naked’ eye and tangible to everyone. However there is also a less dense aspect of the bio-energetic system, known as the ‘subtle body’ or ‘aura’ that extends out beyond the physical body. An energetic healing practitioner has developed their sensitivity to enable them to sense, and thus work energetically with the aura. By applying energy with intention, I am able to assist your animal to restore the clarity, flow and cohesiveness of their aura.

Working with organs and tissues on an energetic level

The physical organs and tissues are built and maintained upon an underlying energetic matrix. This matrix can be influenced by trauma (physical, emotional and psychological), environmental factors and repressed emotions. Once imbalance occurs, the organ or tissue is no longer functioning in harmony with the rest of the body. By applying energy with intention, I am able to assist your animal to restore the underlying energetic matrix upon which the physical body is moulded.

The dissolution of cords

Animal communicate to each other on a energetic as well as verbal level (growling, etc). When animals interact with each other and humans, there is an exchange of energy. The Aura and the Chakras are able to send and receive information and energy. An energetic cord is an open channel of energy flowing between two beings. This channel of energy usually dissipates once the interaction is complete, however when there is an intense or prolonged bond these cords remain intact. Healthy cords do exist, however there are situations in which these cords do not support the well-being of the being. There is a saying ‘it takes two to tango’ which applies to the manifestation of these energetic cords.

Energy healing involves spiritual support and facilitating the flow of energy to facilitate healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I work with intention and energy to provide your animal with the necessary energetic support to activate their innate healing abilities. The healing sessions are often interactive and require you to be proactive in the process (to a greater or lesser degree depending on the circumstances).

How my animal energy sessions work

I do not just work on your animal, I also work on you as our animals form a bond with us and feel our every joy, pain, anxiety, etc. Whether they are new to the family or not. By just working on the animal alone, it may resolve the issue if it is an external factor alone affecting them, if it is not however, after a short while the issue may reappear.

Your animal friend is also a living Biofield and like a person is constantly communicating with their environment. Their wellbeing is thus constantly changing. Any energetic imbalance can manifest itself as a disease and Animal Energy Healing can restore the proper bioenergetic information to them.

Unlike most people, animals naturally acknowledge the Life force necessary for their healthy existence. They sense the need for what energy healing can do for them. They willingly participate in the therapy without any hindrance of fear or doubt. Animals have no belief system blockages and thus easily respond to Animal Energy Healing.

For first-time sessions, 4 to 5 follow-ups would be ideal. Sometimes just one is enough – It really depends on how deep seated the issue is. It depends on each individual animal, and you may not know until after each session.

After the initial 4-5 sessions, I find my clients will come for maintenance when they feel inspired.

How I work

I combine all the healing modalities I have learnt to help you and your animal as best I can.
I follow the guidance of my guides as to which modalities to use and when during a session.

Below are the modalities I use, click each one to read more about them.


Reiki is a subtle energy technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation that also promotes healing. It is performed by certified practitioners on men, women and children of all ages, as well as animals and plant life.

The word “reiki” (RAY-kee, noun) is a blended term meaning “Universal life force” which is intuitively-guided. It is the energy that vibrates through and around all living matter. The term Reiki (the verb) refers to the practice of Reiki as a therapy for stress relief, deep relaxation and to promote healing.

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Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique, was originally developed for people. It is a completely harmless, natural, non-invasive therapy that has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals. It’s a healing method that operates on the body’s energy system rather than on the body itself.

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Crystal Healing

Crystals help to regulate an erratic energy signal. They are natural oscillators, taking a signal and refining it (no wonder they were used in radio sets during WWII). When we hold a crystal near an organ or other organic material, the vibrational level of that organ improves, meaning the signal becomes regulated and harmonious with the rest of the organism. The health of the organ is restored with repeated exposure to crystal resonance.

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Cord Removal

Even animals create cords of attachment. They too suffer from a loss of a previous owner, friend or removal from a space. Animals are like humans in as much as they have a physical body, energy body and soul. So why can they not have negative cords removed?

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Per Session

  • Booking fee: R250

Charmaine Howard
Savings account: 1228765195
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10% off when you purchase five or more sessions

Charmaine, we appreciate your help in making Dobby’s transition from his rescue place to our home so smooth.

Your reiki, crystal healing and positive contribution is highly appreciated.

Thank you and much love from Simone and family.

Mrs S - Cape Town
Matilda is doing GREAT!  She starting eating her straw shortly after you left and every day she gets better and better..eating more, eating her proper food, jumping around.
We are SO grateful and happy..over the moon so to speak.  I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for her check up to get the all clear
Thank you so much for the healing..can’t explain how much it means.
Mr A - Bunny Matilda; Cape Town

I just had to inform you that we have not had a major incident between the two boys since your session a week ago. Usually we have one at least every other day. It is so nice not to have to worry whether or not Casper is going to rip his brother to shreds or not on the walks.

Duke’s wounds are healing so nicely for once as well, I’m sure that I have you to thank for that as well.

And I must say that the healing you did for me whilst healing them has really calmed my anxiety down when I walk them, which I’m sure has helped tremendously on the walks.

Mrs G - Cape Town